I’m really, really bad about blogging.

But at least I’ve got a bunch of new books out now, after a long hiatus from writing. Including, but not limited to the long awaited second book in the “Breeding Island of Dr. Melville” series. And the third book is in production now. It should be available by the end of January or early February. Thanks to everyone who has been so patient. And to those who haven’t been as patient…thank you too!




 Captive of the Man-Wolves


Deserted on the Island of Dr. Melville by a billionaire’s son, sheltered Midwestern librarian Eve escapes imprisonment and breeding amongst the paws, claws, and talons of a menagerie of hybrid animal-men—with the help of a few kinder souls.
But disaster strikes when she becomes separated from her would-be protectors.
Impregnated, injured, scared, and alone, Eve finds herself at the mercy of a pack of savage beasts in unfamiliar wilds.
A brutal world where even the mad doctor himself fears to go, and the man-wolves rule by fang and g-bang!

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