The Island of Dr. Melville Book 3

idm3coverAmazon is becoming increasing tight about censorship, so I’ve had to take the word “breeding” out of the series title in order to get new stories published, and back off nudity in the covers.

Rest assured that the story contents have NOT been censored.


Captured by a clan of man-wolves, sheltered Midwestern librarian Eve, struggles to learn the customs and ways of the forest.

As the sole female on the island, she must remain ever on guard against any and all members of the pack—those hybrid were-creatures created by the mad Dr. Melville…

…Each one of which lusts for her—driven by an irresistible instinct to continue its own bloodline at the expense of all the others.

Pregnant, defenseless, and with few allies she can trust, Eve knows she must submit to any indignation, any challenge, to survive—and perhaps even to thrive—in her new life.

No matter if the beasts come for her one at a time or in groups, Eve must learn to satisfy their every savage urge.

Or find herself at the mercy of island’s dangers alone.

Paranormal Pulp Fiction!

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